Liberal vs Liberal

Liberal vs. liberal (They eat their own)

California isn’t building anywhere near enough homes to keep pace with population growth.

So state Senator Scott Wiener drafted a proposal: override local zoning restrictions to allow denser housing around transit hubs.

Many city leaders didn’t like that idea. Mayor Jesse Arreguín of Berkeley told Berkeleyside that Wiener’s measure was “a declaration of war against our neighborhoods.”

A Los Angeles city councilman told the L.A. Times it was “devastating,” “insanity,” and “the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

A new article in the Guardian says the housing fight is pitting liberal against liberal. “It has divided renting millennials from their home-owning parents and created a passionate breed of housing activists calling themselves Yimbys,” Erin McCormick wrote, using an acronym for “Yes in My Backyard.”

It’s too soon to know how the fight will play out. But with home prices and rents continuing to rise, calls to blow up the status quo are growing louder.

Read the story in the Guardian.

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