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About James Bradley US Senate Candidate CA

Veteran Patriot America First Re-Unite America Candidate running on the Republican Platform. Fighting to take back California and the US from the growing threat from the Globalist, Liberals Democrats.

100 Goals Accomplished so far

In 2017, President Donald Trump and his Administration faced great opposition from the “Left”, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists and Never Trumpers”.  Despite this challenge, he delivered on his promises to put America First and Make America Great Again.

I to have sworn an oath to this country to defend and protect every American Citizen from threats foreign or domestic.  I have answered the call of our great president to join the fight and I do so with all my heart and passion.  Being the 3rd generation veteran, I possess the fortitude and bearing to fulfill and succeed in the US Senate.


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MAGA and America First if the only answer to save America.  We have sworn an oath to Make America Great Again and put Americans and America First
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