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Mr. Bradley has served this country in the United State Coast Guard under President Reagan. With over 30 years in Healthcare and International business as a senior executive, Mr. Bradley possess the experience and track record of managing and bringing innovative solutions to the industry that advanced better medicine at reduced costs. Knowing the inside of healthcare he has the best plan to healthcare reform as well as reducing government roadblocks. Mr. Bradley has vast experience in international business and relations and can introduce change that will support ``Making America Great Again``.

Goals & Achievements

International leader, National Speaker and Author with 30 plus years’ experience in senior management roles for technology and service entities within the healthcare, insurance, including but not limited to physician groups, hospital, insurance. mergers/acquisitions and national speaker on developing technologies and practices within healthcare, insurance, and fraud prevention. Extensive experience within governmental and commercial healthcare programs in evaluation and design of normalization design to meet market demands.
Executive consulting as interim CEO, CTO and COO for Start Up and Transitioning Companies. Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse which is the branch of data mining concerned with the prediction of future probabilities and trends. The central element of predictive analytics is the predictor, a variable that can be measured for an individual or other entity to predict future behavior.
Specialties: Private Funding, Health Information Technology, Compliance, HIPPA, Change Management, Negotiation, Risk Management, Sales, Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement, Executive Consulting, Contract Management, Delivery, Development, Electronic Data Interchange, Project Management, Insurance, Management, Market Research, Marketing, Networking, Organizational Skills, Positioning, Risk Assessment.

Served in the United States Coast Guard conducting search and rescue (SAR), law enforcement, fisher patrols in Hawaii and the South East United States. Managed and trained 15 petty officers in the maintenance, repair and servicing of 3 HC-130s and 4 HH3F Sikorski aircraft. Conducted multi defense department training and campaigns in the southeast US. Coordination with US Navy, DEA, US Air Force, Bahamian The Bahamas, a country of 700 islands and cays distributed over an area the size of California maritime and aerial routes between Colombia and the U.S., is an attractive location for drug transshipments of cocaine, marijuana and other illegal drugs. The Bahamas is not considered a significant drug producer nor a producer or transit point for drug precursor chemicals. The Bahamas participates actively as a partner in “Operation Bahamas and Turks and Caicos” (OPBAT)-a multiagency international drug interdiction cooperative effort established in 1982.

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